Top 3 cake shops in Edinburgh

when in Scotland get cake from one of the top 3 cake shops in Edinburgh

When in Scotland- get cake in one of the top 3 cake shops in Edinburgh

If you’re in Edinburgh, and  have had a long day walking about, visiting places, a sweet treat might boost your energy.

But this doesn’t have to be the only reason you could choose to trade yourself to a delicious cupcake, a macaroon or a scone. I think a part of living a balanced lifestyle is not giving ourselves a hard time for having some treats, but to enjoy what we eat, and have it all… (yes!) in moderation.

And if you’ve read so far, please take a look at the top three cake shops in Edinburgh. Over the past years I’ve tried a few places, and these three are the top of my “go to” list.

1. Bibi's Bakery

Bibi’s Bakery is only minutes away from Waverley train station, at 37 Hanover Street. The bakery is the perfect shop to pop in and pick up a cake. They have a big selection of cupcakes, tasty macaroons and brownies. 

The bakery is fairly popular in Ediburgh, and locals will always recommend it. So, when in Edinburgh, go to Bibi’s for one of the best sweet treats you’ll ever have.

when in Scotland get cake from one of the top 3 cake shops in Edinburgh

2. . Cuckoo's Bakery - Dundas Street

If you are near 150 Dundas Street or 116 Brunsfield Place in Edinburgh, you should stop for a tea and cupcakes in Cuckoo’s Bakery.
The bakery in Dundas Street is one of my favourite meeting places if I work in town. I recently had an informal business meeting there, and it turned out to be a good choice for a location.

Last month, my other half decided to take us out for a walk and a sweet treat. The tea and lunch options are also very nice. So I can definitely say it is worth a stop if you are in Edinburgh.

Have a look at their cake menu here.

3. Mimi's Little Bakehouse - Old Town (Royal Mile)

I’ve chosen to mention the shop in the Old Town, but Mimi’s Little Bakehouse has two other shops (Corstorphine and Leith). 

Mimi’s Little Bakehouse is a wonderful wee place. It can be busy at times, but if you’re near the Royal Mile, make time for lunch, a cake and a hot drink. Depending on when you’re reading this post, you may or may not get a chance to try their absolutely delicious chocolate blueberry scone, but of you see it on the menu, I highly recommend it. 

Have a look at their menu here.

when in Scotland get cake from one of the top 3 cake shops in Edinburgh
[image from Mimi's Little Bakehouse]
when in Scotland get cake from one of the top 3 cake shops in Edinburgh

Bake your own

And if you would like to bake your own, have a look at the “200 Cupcakes: Hamlyn All Colour Cookbook“, and Jamie Oliver’s “The Cake Book“.

My family knows I am not the best baker (or cook for what it’s worth). We even have an “insider” joke about how good it is that the boys are learning to appreciate pretty much any food, and how easy it will be for them to leave home for university: “no cooking will be as burnt as my cooking”. And although we have a wee laugh about my adventures in the kitchen, it doesn’t mean I shy away from keeping my title as “the main cook/ baker”. 

Hope this post has inspired you to treat yourself to a beautiful desert from one of my top three cake shops in Edinburgh, or to bake your own. 


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  1. Yum! I love a fun little cupcake on vacation!


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