Le Di-Vin – Wine bar in Edinburgh

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Wine Bar in Edinburgh

A meet-up place with great wine in the West End

Sometime in between Christmas and New Year’s Eve we decided organise a meet up with close friends and family. Located in the heart of Edinburgh’s West End, Le Di-Vin is a stunning French wine bar, easy to reach, close to bus stops and a taxi rank.

Book the mezzanine

We ended up booking the tables on the mezzanine (in picture below), and ordered a couple of Les Planchettes de Charcuterie – selection of sausisson, salami, parma ham, terrine and cheese, with bread baskets.

We spent the evening enjoying the company of friends, family and great wines.

After-Work Drinks

I ended up returning to Le Di-Vin for after-work drinks.

Le Di-Vin is a versatile location. The mezzanine we had rented to meet with friends and family is an ideal spot if you are looking for an open space but with privacy. 

When meeting work colleagues, we ended up gathering around one of the tables on the ground floor.

Wine Bar in Edinburgh. Food and drinks when in Scotland

Birthday celebration venue

Yes. We did go back to Le Di-Vin for a birthday celebration. And yes, the atmosphere did not disappoint. 

Most of all, the wine list is one of the best I have seen. The waiters and the owner are moving around the room making sure everyone is looked after. 

Therefore if you are looking for a good wine bar, a nice atmosphere for a (birthday) celebration or just after-work drinks, keep this place on your mind. 

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