The Best Yoga Studios in Edinburgh

Best Yoga Studio is Edinburgh

The Best Yoga Studios in Edinburgh

I first went to a yoga class in 2012.
I took it as part of a treatment for my soul. I run- to challenge my body and started to meditate- to keep my mind grounded, and drift away from the war going on in head.
This is how I discovered yoga. I was having a chat after a Pilates/ mindfulness class, and someone mentioned hot yoga.

At first, I thought it will be almost impossible for me to last through a whole hour of exercise, maintain a healthy, strong sense of happiness, and endure the heat.
And I was right. I struggled with the heat, then with the effort I was putting into exercises. But soon I learnt to pace myself and auto regulate both the effort and then my attention and focus I put in exercising my mind.

Now I do a couple of classes a week, and I move between Pilates and Yoga.


Tribe Yoga have 3 studios in Edinburgh: New Town (in Northumberland Street), Quartermile and Leith Walk.

The modern feel of the place with nice changing facilities, shower rooms with good quality products, and overall look of the place makes it be amongst my favourites. However, I am choosing Tribe Yoga to be on top of the best yoga studios in Edinburgh for the staff.

The instructors working in Tribe Yoga are by far the best I have met. I like the Yoga Sculpt, and the fact that instructors people not to push themselves. Guide your body through exercises and find your own pace.

Best Yoga Studio is Edinburgh

Tribe Yoga New Town Address: 71-75 Northumberland St, Edinburgh EH3 6JG Phone: 0131 202 6022

Tribe Yoga Leith Walk 35-36 Haddington Pl, Edinburgh EH7 4AG Phone: 0131 652 3924

Tribe Yoga Quartermile Address: 1 Porters Walk, Edinburgh EH3 9GJ Phone: 0131 229 1619

Best Yoga Studio is Edinburgh


The Edinburgh Yoga Room is located in- probably- the most convenient place if you are travelling through the centre of Edinburgh. This was the first studio I attended when moving to Edinburgh. It is a great place if you can hop on and off the bus/ tram on your way home.

But the location is not the main reason I recommend this studio. It is a beautiful boutique studio with calm, kind and skilful instructors, and a great place to start if you are new to practicing yoga.

EDINBURGH YOGA ROOM Address: 5 Forth St, Edinburgh EH1 3JX Phone: 07913 510911


Yoga’s Got Hot is located in the beautiful Stockbridge. The studio has patient and knowledgeable instructors, and a calm feel about it.

Although Tribe Yoga is at the top of my list, I could not recommend Yoga’s Got Hot any less. If you’re living in Edinburgh, or if you are here for a visit, try out their ‘one-week unlimited classes’ offer. It is a great opportunity to meet the instructors and get a feel on the studio.
I was impressed with how warm and welcoming the staff were, and how much patience they have.

YOGA'S GOT HOT Address: 4-8 Learmonth Avenue, Comely Bank, Edinburgh, EH4 1DF Phone: 07919 658 250



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