Free attractions in Edinburgh

#WhenInScotland visit top free attractions in Edinburgh

Free things to do in Edinburgh

Edinburgh has so many beautiful tourist attractions, and although some of them have an entry fee, most will cost nothing. So I have decided to tell you about 3 tourist attractions you can visit for free when in Edinburgh.

1. The National Museum of Scotland

The National Museum of Scotland is one of the most popular visitor attraction in Scotland. If you are in Edinburgh, it is one of the places you must not miss.

In 2017, the National Museum of Scotland was the most visited tourist attraction. It is perhaps one of the most popular destinations (alongside Edinburgh Castle), with easy access, proximity to the city centre and ability to keep both adults and children interested.

Location: Chambers Street, Chambers Street,
City Of Edinburgh,

#WhenInScotland visit the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh

2. The Scottish National Gallery

The Scottish National Gallery holds Scotland’s national collection of fine art, from the early Renaissance to the end of the nineteenth century. Entrance is free but if you can make a donation, please do.
Located in the middle of Princes Street Gardens, just minutes away from Waverley, and walking distance of the castle and the Royal Mile, this art gallery is worth a visit.
There is so much to see. So many beautiful paintings… If you love art, or if it is raining and you need a place to shelter, the is a great stop.

Location: Scottish National Gallery,
The Mound,
City Of Edinburgh,

#WhenInScotland visit the Scottish National Gallery in Edinburgh

3. Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh

The Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh is 72 acres of stunning scenery, a Victorian Temperate Palm House dating back to 1858, beautiful walks and a contemporary art gallery in the Inverleith House.
Beautiful trees and plants to be seen throughout all the different seasons offer a tranquil space to those looking to have a walk and enjoy the nature. 

Visitors have to pay a fee to enter the Glasshouse, but I can guarantee you will not be disappointed if you choose to do so.
The visitor centre is very modern and informative, the cafe offers a place to stop or can be a meet-up venue.

Location: Arboretum Place/Inverleith Row,
City Of Edinburgh,

#WhenInScotland visit the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh

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